We have put together an excerpt of current seminars and presentations. Upon your request, we will prepare an in-house concept, which will precisely suit your needs.

During our intercultural training, workshops and presentations, the professional expertise of foreign-qualified employees and executives or international teams is the main focus of the learning process. Therefore, job related or private communication situations are simulated. Participating in these workshops and training courses requires a certain knowledge level of the German language (see: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at

Our offer consists of holistic training which will assist your employees in developing expertise for communication and interculturality, as well as becoming fluent.

With klara denzin cross culture, your foreign-qualified employees and executives will receive permanent learning assistance and supervision. We also offer intercultural training for your whole international team.

Extra occupational German language courses

The language courses and communication training can take place as on-site classes or as online courses. The workshops can take place in our educational facilities or at your business as in-house events.


▾ Workplace German
In various modules of this language course we highlight topics which are necessary for successfully managing a workday in Germany.

Participants of our activity-oriented course learn to:
* write letters and emails
* have business-related telephone calls
* prepare conversations with employees for target agreement processing
* successfully manage complaints
* plan exhibition appearances

Culture-based communication problems with German colleagues are a main topic in these courses. Our participants learn to express their workplace relationship to colleagues (felicitations, expressing gratitude and sorrow or making small talk)

Requirement: minimum B2

▾ Coaching-based communication training (read more ...)
This type of training consists of dealing with communication situations in the daily occupational environment, analyzing culture-based conflicts and developing solutions in a framework of intercultural coaching.

In different modules we focus on three difficult communication situations: conferences, telephone calls and business correspondence.

Participants learn to:
* address problems during teamwork
* independently prepare and conduct a conference for their project team
* arrange cooperation methods with colleagues
* hold conversations with superiors and customers
* correctly use standards, rules and forms for official correspondence.

We pay close attention to culture-based communication problems with German business partners. Social conventions during communication, different etiquettes, interpretations as well as differences in values and mental attitudes are dealt with as main topics.

Requirement: minimum B2

▾ Application training and job interviews (read more ...)
Course participants learn about different forms of employment and the framework of legal conditions and analyze their former career progression.
We determine personal competences and inform your employees about formal qualifications and job-related education in Germany.

Tips and strategies for the search for employment are followed by:
* creating a convincing curriculum vitae in cooperation with the course instructor
* phrasing individual correspondence
* practicing for a confident job interview

Contracts of employment are discussed with the course instructor and further requests and demands are formulated.
The course also prepares for the first day of work and helps to avoid intercultural faux pas during the first days at the new workplace.

Requirement: minimum B1


Career specific workshops

Career specific workshops

These workshops (1-3 days) for foreign-qualified employees and executives are offered to match the needs of certain occupational categories.

We go into detail about the particular situations in the German workday routine in hospitals, engineering companies, banks, etc. Expertise in speaking, reading, understanding and writing are developed by activities that are precisely matched to suit the needs of the respective occupational field.
We pay a great deal of attention to these activities which have been created to allow a presentation of the daily work routine as realistic as possible. Dialogues involving employee – supervisor, employee – customer and employee – colleague are discussed attentively in regard to the culture.
These workshops normally take place with our cooperation partners of various areas of expertise (e.g.: intercultural mediation, communication psychology, culture sciences, etc.)

Workshops are offered for the following occupational categories:

German and Germany for Doctors

German and Germany for Health Professionals

German and Germany for Businessmen and –women

German and Germany for Engineers

Requirement: minimum B2


Klara Denzin

Interactive presentations for the subject area “Intercultural Competence”

We offer interactive presentations for the following topics:

Interculturally competent? Intercultural business communication, intercultural acting and area of application in business.

Made in Germany: How we come across to foreign partners in business life

Intercultural competence training

Intercultural competence training for international teams

In the occupational-based communication training our main goal is not just being able to offer the best possibility of acquiring the written and spoken language. Our goal is helping to develop and promote professional expertise in the field of communication.

In a foreign language area this expertise is accompanied by a high degree of intercultural competence of our participants.
Intercultural competence is a successful and holistic connection of acting in an individual, social, professional and strategical way in intercultural contexts.

During our previous work we discovered that even excellent language knowledge cannot prevent intercultural misunderstandings, especially in the occupational field. Therefore, we offer our language courses in connection with an integrated intercultural training and upon request, with coaching.

After your foreign employees have successfully completed the language courses, you can choose to offer a common training course for both your German and your foreign employees in which we prepare them for intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings.

Lectures at colleges and universities

Lectures at colleges and universitiesThe presentation “Intercultural competence” imparts knowledge of fundamental terms and definitions, theories and concepts of intercultural communication and teamwork. While learning about the theory, students can reflect on their own cultural perception and development in a seminar.

By working on exercises and practical situations students should learn how culture has an influence on human behavior and how cultural differences affect human relations.

The students should be able to confidently determine cultural influences and professionally prepare themselves for these in practical situations. In the presentation and seminar intercultural topics and questions are worked on in regard to the firm’s main focus and area of specialty.

Translations and other language services

Translations and proofreadingThanks to our broad network of co-operating partners from various countries, we are able to offer high quality translations and proof-reading work in a variety of languages to your business. Our co-operating partners are solely native speakers with an academic education.

We offer proof readings of degree dissertations, scientific essays and articles in the German language for foreign students and scientists.